Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sleep in Rollers / Review

I've never been one to do any kind of styling to my hair, I'm more of a quick backcomb then out the door kinda gal.  To be quite honest it's purely because a) my hair is super damaged so using heated tools is a big no no and b) I am a lazy bugger and the thought of sitting there for half an hour straightening/curling my hair has no appeal to me what so ever!

Then alas one day these beauty's were introduced to me! Sleep in Rollers require absolutely no heat and they literally take me about 10 minutes to put it. The fact they make me feel like scouse WAG while in comes as an added extra ;)

I usually put them in clean, dry hair about an hour before I go to bed, then take them out in the morning which again takes no time at all. Add a bit of hair spray and boom done, big bouncy hair with next to no effort!

(I was only going to work this day so didn't do anything too fancy nancy)

So if you are lazy like me and don't have time to do your hair or you just want to give your hair a break from the heat, I cannot recommend these enough!

Sleep in Rollers come in a variety of colours and glitters, and some even come with a how to dvd and a pack of bobby pins!

These are the ones I have and they only set me back £16. Bargain!

Have you used Sleep in rollers before?

Leanne xoxo