Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Soap and Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick!

I've always been one to enjoy a nice bronzed glow, whatever the weather. When I first swatched this in store I wasn't too sure on it as it looked a bit too shimmery but something made me get it and I am so glad I did. It adds the most perfect glow to my cheeks and I've been wearing it everyday since I've got it!

Soap and glory say:

 "With INSTANT-TAN TINTED LUMINOSPHERES™, our new Wonderbronze™ super natural sun-kissed shimmer brick delivers instant chic for the shabby cheek.  
 Sun-tint the apples of your cheeks, contour your cheekbones, dust on your décolleté, or brush your bronze on all over!"

I'm not sure I would put this all over my face as I may end up looking like a bit of a disco ball but all in all I am very impressed and I think this will be a product I continue to use over the colder months!

Soap and Glory currently have a *Buy one get one half price* offer on at boots. Go go go!!!!

Leanne xoxo

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nars Sheer Glow Review / It just wasn't meant to be!

Nars Sheer Glow, a foundation that is very hyped up in the blogging community and everyone seems to love. A foundation that I couldn't wait to try and thought that I would join everyone in being head over heels in love. Did I love it? No. Did I in fact hate it with a passion? Yes.

When going into my local Space NK I did inform the lovely lady that I had quite oily skin but she said it will be fine and Nars Sheer Glow suits everyone. I feel very depressed that it seems to suit everyone but me! No matter what base I used, how I applied it or how little or more I put on, it just looked absolutely awful on my skin. It never fully sunk in so it felt heavy on my skin and looked very cakey. It  made me look extremely oily, almost like my face was wet.. not a good look at all. After about 3 hours it had pretty much completely worn away, regardless of the amount of setting powder I'd used.
I also found it clung horrendously to any little but of dryness I had (which isn't a lot) AND it made me break out wahhhhh!!!

A very shiney and cakey looking forehead! 

Unfortunately after having it only about 3 weeks I have contacted Space NK and they are kindly letting me exchange it for a different product. I'm thinking of trying the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, hopefully that will work better on me! (fingers crossed)

I'm not writing this review to put anyone off as I know on the right person it would and does look absolutely amazing! I just want people in the same situation to know that its perfectly fine if Sheer Glow didn't work for you, there's nothing wrong with your face (I briefly panicked about this ). We have to accept that we all have completely different skin types and what might work well and look fabulous of someone else, might not necessarily look good or work for you.

So my search for the perfect foundation is still underway! Does anyone have any recommendations for oily skin?

Leanne xoxo

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sleep in Rollers / Review

I've never been one to do any kind of styling to my hair, I'm more of a quick backcomb then out the door kinda gal.  To be quite honest it's purely because a) my hair is super damaged so using heated tools is a big no no and b) I am a lazy bugger and the thought of sitting there for half an hour straightening/curling my hair has no appeal to me what so ever!

Then alas one day these beauty's were introduced to me! Sleep in Rollers require absolutely no heat and they literally take me about 10 minutes to put it. The fact they make me feel like scouse WAG while in comes as an added extra ;)

I usually put them in clean, dry hair about an hour before I go to bed, then take them out in the morning which again takes no time at all. Add a bit of hair spray and boom done, big bouncy hair with next to no effort!

(I was only going to work this day so didn't do anything too fancy nancy)

So if you are lazy like me and don't have time to do your hair or you just want to give your hair a break from the heat, I cannot recommend these enough!

Sleep in Rollers come in a variety of colours and glitters, and some even come with a how to dvd and a pack of bobby pins!

These are the ones I have and they only set me back £16. Bargain!

Have you used Sleep in rollers before?

Leanne xoxo

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I heart cc!

Hi Guyss,

So today's post is about this little online company called I heart cc that sell the most amazing statement necklaces ever!

So far I have purchased the two above but honestly I am In love with everything! 
Nothing is over £20 and the delivery is super quick. 

They are constantly getting new stock and they often have free delivery or 10% off days. 

You can find them on Facebook: I HEART CC and on Instagram: i_heart_cc

Let me know if you have a look or add me on Instagram and tag me in your photos if you purchase anything! (Instagram: leannechannell) 

I have my eye on a couple of the big colourful necklaces so no doubt I will be doing outfit posts featuring them! 

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! 

Leanne xoxo

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Leopard Loving

Dress | Newlook SOLD OUT
Shoes | Matalan SOLD OUT

Hey Guysss,

So I know its annoying because everything I'm wearing is unavailable, but I just thought id show you a go to outfit for me for a night out.

I am 100% a dress girl, however I am trying to broaden my horizons so might invest in a Co-ord set, I think they look so nice with heels.

These shoes are my favourite thing about this outfit! They were super cheap from Matalan and so so sooo comfy. I love how they look on, make me feel all classy and ladylike haha. I know they went into the sale so you might still be able to get them in your local store!

Is this similar to something you would wear on a night out?

Leanne xoxo

Monday, 28 July 2014

Making people look and feel Fantasic!

Fantastic Hairdresser - Regenerating shampoo and Regenerating treatment for dry or damaged hair £11.99 each*

To start off, a bit of background on my hair. My hair is extremely dry and damaged due to years of home dyes and bleach mishaps and I can never find products that work well for me. I’m always being recommended products that people swear by but when I use them on my hair, they frankly just don’t do enough.
First of all the packaging of these products I love. They stand out in my bathroom with the bold fuchsia font and bright yellow stars, and I am just instantly drawn to use them over other products I have sitting there.
Of course the packaging isn’t the only reason I would pick them over the rest. I have been using these a little over two weeks and my hair has never felt in better condition. I was shocked to see such a transformation as id given up on ever finding a product that worked for me. The shampoo lathers effortlessly and the Regenerating treatment makes my hair feel instantly soft to touch.
I also used these while on holiday and they were a god send. The sea water and constant sun do nothing but hell to my hair but this Regenerating Shampoo and treatment kept it in good condition. To top it all off these products smell amazing, what more could you want!

If you want to try these products please register with the Fantastic Hairdresser and become a ‘Fantastic Fan’ for free. You can order your products initially through calling the salon (0208 827 1659 option 1). You can pay by card over the phone and the guys will enter your email address to set you up as a Fantastic Fan. An email will come through to you to submit your delivery address and you will then be in the system to receive 25% discount and free delivery forevermore.

25% off AND free delivery.. perfect!

After this initial order through the salon, you can then order from our website by logging in with your new account details.  

Let me know if you try these!

Leanne xoxo

(* I was sent these products to review but all opinions are my own)