Friday, 17 January 2014

New Year, Better Me

I think we will all agree that this new year has come around way way too quickly. I feel like Christmas whizzed by and before I knew it I was sat back at my desk feeling like I hadnt really had a break (I actually had 2 weeks off, where does time go?!)

As per I've started off the year with many resolutions and I feel determined to stick to them this time!

1. Be more active and eat healthily. I know EVERYONE does the whole new year, new me thing but Im thinking more new year, better me. Im not overly bothered by what the scales say, im more concerned about not getting out of breathe running up the stairs and constantly feeling lazy. I want to keep up exercising and healthy eating, but Im not going to starve myself and do fad diets.

2. Continue my journey to being blonde! I am naturally dark blonde but have died my hair black for the last 5 years. I finally think its time to return to the light side for good and its going to be a long process. Im curently at a brown stage and am slowly getting more highlights put through but because I cant wait for anything I usually get annoyed and stick a black hair dye on, but I really really dont want to do that this year!!!

3. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Me and Dean are getting a mortage hopefully anyday now so I have to make sure I save my pennies for all the rather expensive furniture I seem to have my eye on. I need to stop buying everything I see, time to become an adult, eekk!!

4. Finally set a date for our wedding! We have been engaged for 3 years now (wow that went quickly!) so think its about time we get a rough idea of when we would like to get married. I would like a Winter wedding around Nov 2016 but of course we cant really plan anything until we have our house! Once we've found a house then we can start saving and thinking about our wedding (Shh, I have pretty much planned everything I want with the help of pinterest haha) Exciting times!!!

5. Travel. I want to travel around a bit more this year, lots of weekend City breaks with the girls, I want to go back to Paris for a romantic weekend with Dean and Las Vegas may also be on the cards ;)

6. Be Happy!!! I want to be more positive, stop worrying and just sit back and enjoy my life. I have the most amazing fiance, family and friends so whats there to not be happy about?

What are your New Year Resolutions?

Leanne xoxo