Monday, 28 July 2014

Making people look and feel Fantasic!

Fantastic Hairdresser - Regenerating shampoo and Regenerating treatment for dry or damaged hair £11.99 each*

To start off, a bit of background on my hair. My hair is extremely dry and damaged due to years of home dyes and bleach mishaps and I can never find products that work well for me. I’m always being recommended products that people swear by but when I use them on my hair, they frankly just don’t do enough.
First of all the packaging of these products I love. They stand out in my bathroom with the bold fuchsia font and bright yellow stars, and I am just instantly drawn to use them over other products I have sitting there.
Of course the packaging isn’t the only reason I would pick them over the rest. I have been using these a little over two weeks and my hair has never felt in better condition. I was shocked to see such a transformation as id given up on ever finding a product that worked for me. The shampoo lathers effortlessly and the Regenerating treatment makes my hair feel instantly soft to touch.
I also used these while on holiday and they were a god send. The sea water and constant sun do nothing but hell to my hair but this Regenerating Shampoo and treatment kept it in good condition. To top it all off these products smell amazing, what more could you want!

If you want to try these products please register with the Fantastic Hairdresser and become a ‘Fantastic Fan’ for free. You can order your products initially through calling the salon (0208 827 1659 option 1). You can pay by card over the phone and the guys will enter your email address to set you up as a Fantastic Fan. An email will come through to you to submit your delivery address and you will then be in the system to receive 25% discount and free delivery forevermore.

25% off AND free delivery.. perfect!

After this initial order through the salon, you can then order from our website by logging in with your new account details.  

Let me know if you try these!

Leanne xoxo

(* I was sent these products to review but all opinions are my own)